TSA Searches Woman’s Hair

8 Jul

TSA to woman: ’We’re going to have to examine your hair’

Laura Adiele wasn’t expecting any trouble when she put her hair up, packed her bags, and headed for SeaTac to catch a flight to Texas. So, she was quite surprised when she was pulled out of the security line to have her hair examined. view full article

“When I first heard her say, ‘We’re going to have to pat you down,’ I thought she was talking about my body. I was turning around and putting my arms out and she said, ‘no, we’re going to have to examine your hair,’ and I said, ‘no, we’re not going to do that today and you’re going to have to get security or your supervisor,’” Adiele told the news station.

Earlier in the week, Texas congressman Ron Paul called for abolishing the TSA in an article posted on his House web page and Infowars.com.

“The requirement that Americans be forced to undergo this appalling treatment simply for the ‘privilege’ of traveling in their own country reveals much about how the federal government feels about our liberties,” Paul writes. “The unfortunate fact that we put up with this does not speak well for our willingness to stand up to an abusive government.”

Prior to Paul’s call to defederalize airport security, the TSA came out with an absurd warning that al-Qaeda may or may not be planning to surgically implant bombs under the skin of passengers.

Nicholas Kimball, TSA spokesman, said passengers will likely face even more intense humiliation at the nation’s airports following the warning.

“These measures are designed to be unpredictable, so passengers should not expect to see the same activity at every international airport,” Kimball said, adding existing methods could not detect plastic explosives under the skin, according to AFP.

Officials admit there is not an imminent threat to aviation.

On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said the government has alerted airlines about the supposed threat. Carney said intelligence has shown terrorists have expressed interest in implanting bombs in people.

“That fact that terrorists are interested in finding ways to attack us is pretty much self-evident,” Carney said. He added that even though there is no specific threat, airlines and foreign partners should be alerted so they can take the necessary steps to be prepared for such techniques, according to Dow Jones Newswires.

There are difficult technical issues associated with surgically implanted bombs that make them impractical. TSA Administrator John Pistole stated last year that if the detonator is made with traditional wiring, those wires would be detectable by current security technology, even if it is technically possible to insert the bomb inside the body.


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