28 Jul


Residents must fight for land, libertyBy David Kempf
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — The No. 1 thing our governments — at all levels — should be champions and guardians of is the liberty of the people they represent. Our history teaches us (if nothing else) that the world has included — and does include — countless thieving men and women whose sole motivation in life is to conquer other people and steal their substance, their land and, perhaps, their very lives.

Before the Norman City Council decides to abscond from the residents of Norman large parcels of land and proscribe further dictation on how they may use the land, they should explain in outstandingly unimpeachable detail exactly how the reduction in residents’ liberty is justified.

The self-evident statement is applicable to both the Storm Water Master Plan and the Land Use 2025 plan adopted in a previous year. City Hall has failed to do so for either one of these “plans.”

Even if the city of Norman has little or no respect for the liberty of deed holders in Oklahoma, they ought to — at least — have respect for the value and purpose of eminent-domain laws and compensate the deed holders for the land grab.

The city council is not honest and has no intentions of compensating anyone. Of course, they don’t have the money — who would voluntarily give it to them?

According to our resident expert (a scientific consensus of one), Lake Thunderbird is “on life support” because of “dangerously high levels of Chlorophyll-a” produced by algae living in the lake, “seven times more … than the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality allows,” and “can likely be attributed to phosphorus-based fertilizers, which are washed into Lake Thunderbird from Norman and parts of Moore and Oklahoma City when it rains.”

These are the arguments used to justify extracting from people the liberty to use the land for which they supposedly have the exclusive right to use by deed from the state. None of them have the merit to justify the absconding of liberty.

If Lake Thunderbird is on life support, who is providing it? God, perhaps? Why don’t you thank him, instead of trying to find ways to take over doing what he, apparently, likes doing? If you are not literal, what kind of literary device is this, and what kind of response is it supposed to engender? Fear? So you can save us by denying us our liberty?

Dangerously high levels? Has someone died? Is someone sick because of Chlorophyll-a? Is our treatment plant not adequate to treat the water? Is there no treatment for Chlorophyll-a? Is trampling all over liberty the only way to solve this problem?

Seven-times allowable? Are we breaking other laws by treating the water and using it? If so, should we not be challenging those laws, since the water is, apparently, drinkable? Are we mandated by the state or federal government to deny deed holder rights because of all that Chlorophyll-a? I don’t let my pet dog dictate to me what to do with and how to use my land. Am I supposed to let some algae do so, under order of a municipal government?

Can this likely be attributed to phosphorous-based fertilizer? What does that mean? Do you have some actual unimpeachable proof that it is caused by owners of deeds of lands (in the Norman area, in the watershed) pouring fertilizer out on their land? Is there any proof that such fertilizer didn’t originate solely from lands outside the city of Norman’s boundary, say Moore and Oklahoma City? Only unimpeachable proof could possibly be used to deny the people of any of their liberty, at least in a place where people value freedom.

Is there any unimpeachable proof the abundant Chlorophyll-a is the result of fertilizer runoff in the watershed? How is it that one year in the last 10 produced “acceptable” levels of Chlorophyll-a? Is it because no one spread fertilizer that year? Is there any other thing possible under the sun that could have caused it? Please answer this and all possible such questions before you forever deny me my liberty to use the land as I choose.

Are you not sick of needle-necked governments telling you what to eat for dinner, how to use your property, how to run your lives? Are you not tired of the “redistribution” of wealth that occurs when they forcibly take your substance to use for themselves or so they can give it to some unfortunate soul they deem more worthy of it than you? Are you not tired of their arrogance yet?

It appears the motivation behind the land grab comes from the United Nations, which would like to be the government for the entire inhabited world, by definition. The U.N. has spawned a group called the ICLEI, “Local Governments for Sustainability,” whose purpose is to infiltrate local municipalities like Norman and drown the residents into submission through taxes, code compliance and bureaucracy. A number of their stated goals are purely Marxist, and they are publicly calling for the more “radical” takeover of city agendas. The ICLEI has additionally spawned numerous local chapter organizations that adhere to their indoctrination process called “Agenda 21.” The ICLEI claims Norman as a member. A simple search engine query will take you to their home page.

The residents of Edmond recently found out their city government had been infiltrated by these communists and freedom haters who were set to subject the people to the U.N. global agenda. The residents of Edmond halted the progress in December 2010, and we in Norman can, too. We cannot only halt them, we can undo every bit of the damage they have done to our liberty so far. A complete review of the ICLEI’s one-world global agenda and method of operation, as well as a detailed review of all the acts over the last 25 years of our city council, would be in order.

I love Norman, and I love Oklahoma. I love the people of Oklahoma. I’m sure you do, too. Let’s not let them abscond with our liberty even one more time.

David Kempf is a son of God, Bible student, resident of and deed holder in Norman, practicing scientist, business owner and holder of a B.A. in Mathematics and an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Oklahoma.


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