Ron Paul is A Constitutional Hero: He Must Be Elected in 2012

10 Aug


Ron Paul is A Constitutional Hero: He Must Be Elected in 2012Ron Paul is a constitutional warrior and the only candidate that will uphold our true governmental system. If he is not elected you will see more of the same oppressive dictatorship that you have sen from our last 2 presidents.

Almost the entire republican lineup is fraudulent in some or all areas, yet they are being held up as our saviors.  Meanwhile the congressmen and senators we elected last round that did not sell us up the river are being called out as domestic terrorists.

We must stand behind those who refused to sell us out. Ron Paul is one of those and he is making his run for president this next election. He has went all in this time by stating hewill not be seeking another term as texas congressman. This is a huge step, he is fully committed and so must we.

So here are a few videos to let Dr Paul do his own talking, Listen up and share this info with everyone you know. Your contry is depending on you!!

Ron Paul has roots with the constitution and with the greatest leaders our country has ever known.

Ron Paul talks about Social Security

Ron Paul on Foreign Policy

What if we changed our foreign policy?

Ron Paul explains the Federal Reserve and how it is destroying our way of life

Check out more on Ron Paul here

Ron Paul and the War on Drugs
Ron Paul and the Love Revolution of 2012

Ron Paul to Congress: Stop Stealing from the American People

My Plan for a Freedom President: Ron Paul

Ron Paul’s Voting Record: What Does He Stand For?

Ron Paul Presidential Debate Highlights (Video)

Why Ron Paul, What Does He Stand For?


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