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T.E.A. Party Terrorists

10 Aug

T.E.A. Party Terrorists


By Bill Wavering, on August 2nd, 2011Intellectual Conservative

The paradigm is the same. Only the lexicon has changed.

While everyone else has been following the debt ceiling debate in Washington. I knew how it was going to turn out almost before it started. I was certain we would end up with some version of Wimpy’s “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” phrase from the old Popeye the Sailor cartoons: And that’s exactly what we ended up with.

The President got his $2.4 trillion spending increase to carry him to 2013: And there’s no denying that is exactly what this raising of the debt ceiling means. Literally every administration official has repeated this line. The translation is that this administration means to cozy up to that new limit sometime in the next sixteen months. So the real question is: Why even have a debt limit if we intend to blow through same said limit with malice of forethought?

I’ll not bother to comb through the details of this current piece of legislation as fellow  Intellectual Conservative author Steven Laib has done yeoman’s work in that regard. The only observation I’d like to leave with readers is that this turkey of a deal, oddly enough, all began with the two major parties playing the ideological equivalent of a game of chicken. Only in Washington could politicians begin with chicken and create turkey! It’s like a Republican saying; “I have a really crappy idea!” and then a Democrat retorts; “And I can make that idea even crappier!” complements to comedian Lewis Black.

Since I had already predicted the outcome of this debacle for myself; I decided to focus on the rhetoric being generated during this catastrophe. I don’t mind telling everyone that I wasn’t in the least bit disappointed.

It is, by now, conventional wisdom that the progressive left has been casting about looking for the ultimate pejorative with which to broad brush the T.E.A. Party. In 2009 then House Speaker Nancy ‘National Mama’ Pelosi described us as ‘astro-turf’ proving at once the Freudism that progressives will most readily accuse their ideological opponents of doing what they would be most willing to do themselves. Can anyone say Wisconsin?

While the paradigm has stayed mind-numbingly the same, the lexicon has been accelerating in tandem with the popularity of the T.E.A. Party.  The next phase was to invent the depreciatory title of ‘teabagger’.  Oh, did the left ever have a good time with that one!  For months you couldn’t turn on MSBC or HBO without Chris Matthews or Bill Maher treating us to endless renditions of oratory containing this invective.  For me, the most humorous aspect of all this was that it was so completely outside the experience of the very people they intended to incite with this language. They themselves were the only ones’, if you’ll excuse the phrase, that were intimate with the expression. I found myself ROTFLMAO each time I heard one of these smug pundits deliver this nostrum.

The next attempt was to paint the T.E.A. Party as inherently a group of violent racists. (Probably the most shopworn progressive accusation ever conceived.) This began as far back as March of 2010 when the aforementioned ‘National Mama’ Pelosi and her traitorous bunch of cohorts decided to deliberately traipse through a group of T.E.A. Party protestors in Washington in hopes of deliberately inciting somebody, anybody, to violence during the health care vote. African American Congressional Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) accused T.E.A. Party activists of spitting on him; although when asked to do so, he couldn’t produce any pictorial evidence of the event despite the plethora of cell-phone cameras and the prodigious amount of digital video recordings made by the MSM. To my knowledge, he’s never withdrawn the accusation despite the dearth of evidence to support his contention.  Interestingly enough, no evidence appeared even when Andrew Breitbart offered a significant reward for anyone bringing it forward.

Remember Joseph Stack? The progressive left combed exhaustively through his 34 paragraph ramblings in vain looking for a T.E.A. Party connection. The closest they could come was the declaration by Jonathan Capehart that he was; “…struck by how his alienation is similar to that we’re hearing from the extreme elements of the Tea Party movement.” A real reach indeed as I fail to recall exactly where in his diatribe Joseph Stack called for Washington to stop spending money they didn’t have. They likewise tried to connect Jared Lee Loughner; the person who shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, to the movement without success.

Now we’ve arrived at the current timeframe. During the just-ended debt ceiling battle in Washington we have one progressive pundit after another openly shaking their heads at T.E.A. Party Congressmen and Congresswomen because they just cannot wrap their ideology around the idea the representatives would;

A.   Come to Washington to actually represent the constituents that elected them. (Gasp!)

B.    Actually stand on a principle and not budge. (Double gasp!)

C.    Not be cajoled, threatened, nor browbeaten into selling out either A. or B.

Whatever is a progressive to do now? They certainly cannot belittle these people as so hopelessly out-of-touch that they actually hold to either a promise or principle. Such an allegation probably wouldn’t fool anyone and might even backfire among some of the more educated independents. They had to come up with something to allow them to continue to paint these citizen legislators, throwbacks to an earlier age, as extremists.

So, they label these persons as ‘unfit to govern a la Chris Van Hollen (Rep, D-Md.) who said as much. Or how about our Vice President Joe Biden; who said the T.E.A. Party representatives had; “…acted like terrorists.” MSNBC pundit Chris Matthews accused T.E.A. Party representatives of being the; “scary Wahhabis of American Government.” Or Bob Beckel who has been doing his level best to coin the phrase “T.E.A. Terrorist Party” on Fox News.

Such rhetoric is actually laughable when you consider the fact that these ad hominem attacks are all originating from people who cannot ever identify an ACTUAL terrorist as a terrorist. “The Palestinians are actually an oppressed people! The Taliban are actually freedom fighters! If we could just talk with al Qaeda, we could reach a mutual understanding.” Really?

I’m going to leave my progressive friends with a last thought. This one, boys and girls, is a freebie; it’s on the house. I don’t have any problem with sharing this insight with you as I am certain all ya’ll are too hubristic to take advice from anyone, let alone a T.E.A. Party Terrorist like me.

Each and every time one of your ilk gets in front of a camera and/or a microphone and wails, rends their garments, and declares that they are the only thing standing between the T.E.A. Party’s destruction of America and the sanity of progressivism we get a tingle up our leg!

The more shrill and outlandish the invective, the more certain we are that we’re having the proper effect. See, we broke the code long ago. We know that you reserve the most vicious of attacks for those persons or groups you most fear. This is exactly why all ya’ll loved John McCain so much in 2008. You wanted him as the Republican challenger because you knew that against him even the most vacuous progressive candidate; and let’s face it kids, no one was more vacuous than Barack Obama, could win the election.

You hate Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. Why? Because they truly frighten you. Because they are independent women that have raised families and conquered political careers as well. Women whose names would be your rallying cry as to what true feminists could be if only they weren’t damn conservatives! Believe me: I’ll take the likes (and the looks) of a Sarah Palin or a Michele Bachmann over a Hillary Clinton or a Nancy Pelosi any day!

The more you caterwaul, scream, and threaten; the more successful we know we’ve become. Nothing motivates us more than to see a member of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party going absolutely apoplectic in public!

So keep up the vilification; please. The more you rant the more effective I promise we’ll grow to be. All ya’ll are done in 2012.